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Vodka Premium Gift Box

Vodka Premium Gift Box

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Let’s start with premium glassware. Highball glasses by Riedel are perfect for long drinks with their tall shape maintaining effervescence, and they’re perfectly sized for large format ice.

The Drinks Directive has selected a 700ml bottle of White Light Premium Australian Vodka for this gift box. Crafted from wheat grown in NSW (the key to its beautiful textural finish) this vodka is chilled to zero degrees and then filtered three times for a smooth consistency. The result is fresh, clean and citrus-forward with light savoury malt and green notes. More in keeping with a traditional European vodka, it is elegant and velvety has a well-balanced finish. 

We’ve teamed this vodka with Fever Tree premium Indian tonic and added our DrinksPlinks V for Vodka ice shape to chill that drink, not dilute it. Garnish your cocktails with wheels of dehydrated citrus and for a little more indulgence we’ve added a block of Monsieur Truffe handmade dark chocolate.

Plus we’ve added a vodka shopping bag, to take you from the market to the park for summer celebrations.  Presented in a black gift box with a DrinksPlinks card.

700ml bottle of White Light Vodka (47% alcohol volume)
2 x Highball glasses by Riedel
2 x Fever Tree premium Indian tonic
DrinksPlinks V ice tray
40 g pack dehydrated citrus by Gin Mates
Vodka Shopping Bag by Chief Shopping Officer
Made from laminated jute with white cotton handles
34cm (h) x 20cm(w) x 9 cm (d)
Monsieur Truffe handmade Dark Chocolate With Sea Salt
DrinksPlinks gift card
Black gift box

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