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Fundraise With Us

Fundraise With Us

We've made eco-friendly fundraising easy for everyone.

    ♻︎  schools  
    ♻︎  pre-schools
    ♻︎  child-care
    ♻︎  sports & community teams

Raise more funds - receive commission for every item purchased from our website (not just your design).  We offer products/designs for kids, teenagers and adults, which means you can get everyone involved including friends, relatives, grandfriends etc.

    ✔︎  no upfront costs 
    ✔︎  no hidden fees
    ✔︎  no need to collect orders or money 
    ✔︎  secure online order process 
    ✔︎  we pack every order :)


    We've had experience fundraising for over 10 years, so we understand and respect the time and effort of volunteers.  The entire process from signing up to receiving your final funds is designed to take as little of your time as possible.  All our fundraisers receive:

    • access to a library of text and images (suitable for websites, email, social media etc)
    • a suggested plan of action to maximise success including timing, best ways to connect with the school community and how they can then share with friends and family.
    • chat with our staff to build a plan of attack specifically for your school or group.
    • receive an email update as soon as an order is received.

    We've made the process as easy as possible:

    1. Choose a design for your bag (we can help you with that).

    2.  Share your fundraising with your community (we can also help with that).  Add a Promo Code (exclusively for your community) so we can track all your orders.  We'll help you with some pictures, timing and words.

    3.  Ask your community to order online. 

    • they can choose your nominated bag and/or any other bags (commission is earned for any bag that is ordered).
    • fill out the name of the person who is fundraising instead of the delivery address
    • use their Promo Code at checkout.

    5.  All orders are printed at the same time.  We package them by individual order, and deliver to your nominated address for distribution.

    6.  Your community can earn up to 40% commission.  There are no additional charges for artwork, delivery, or anything else!



    Start your fundraising journey with us as early as possible. If and when we can, we print orders with our partners in India to reduce costs so we can maximise your return.

    Owned and operated by a local Melbourne company, this Australian based fundraising activity is perfect for small schools and communities, rural areas or simply school gifts.
    Consider choosing us as your next fundraising idea!  We'd love you to join us to choose the change we all want to see in our planet, and provide a highly successful fundraising campaign.

    Thank you! 
    Team Chief Shopping Officer


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